I can’t believe it, it’s like a dream. The mere fact that you are here is unbelievable to me. I use to think that I would never see you.  That our paths would never cross and now you’re here. I don’t know what to say.

How’s life? What brings you to Destiny? How long are you staying? Really, daily.  To think that I traveled all these years to finally come face to face with you. What ? You say you never left. I thought you moved from Forgotten years ago. Oh no, what?  I can’t believe it, say that again. So you have been here all along, waiting for me to see you. Amazing. This is so surreal. I am grateful that we have met now let’s walk into the sunset.


4 thoughts on “Surreal

  1. tamika green

    I like we are predestined for greater by God but in the seasons or his time he shall reveal. Greater is he that is in us. I love the realness☆♡


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